Ixi'im hosts one of the largest Tequila collections in the world. The collection currently has more than 3,750 pieces and follows the criteria of "Different Tequilas", where every piece within the collection is unique and unrepeatable. Tequilas proudly decorate the walls of Ixi'im Restaurant, that have the perfect combination between the 200 year old colonial building and the modernity of the new construction. This fusion reflects the contemporary Gourmet cuisine that Ixi´im offers, creating an extraordinary environment for our visitors.

The authenticity of the collection is based on the extensive variety of Tequilas, ranging from white to extra-aged, many with decades of antiquity, as well as highly valuable bottles that are considered a work of art and consequently, are considered unequaled and exclusive pieces.

Although Tequila is not produced in this region, our collection expresses Ixi'im's attachment to the roots of Mexican culture. It is a tribute to the identity and history of our country and we proudly share it to the world.

Hundreds of years have been invested and thousands of kilometers traveled to build this collection. From numerous trips to different towns and houses of Tequila, to private auctions and exclusive tours.

It is a treasure of bottles and memories across generations that combines history, culture, art and the Tequila industry in a unique exhibition that can not be found anywhere else in the world.